Learn To Write Tibetan

A few years ago I picked up a very boring, but easy job…I won’t speak much on it, but pretty much I was left in a location for 8-12 hours with a weapon.  Easy job, however very boring, that is when I issued myself a challenge.  In order to pass time let me learning languages and writing systems.  I did different practice exercises daily for the span of over a year and then I realize yes, I can learn any language or writing system I put my mind to.

Well I have been dabbling in the Tibetan Uchen Script which I find to be a very beautiful writing system.





2 comments on “Learn To Write Tibetan

  1. amoonfull says:

    is that a calligraphy pen? I’m thinking I should perfect my cursive before I attempt this.

  2. rawcompound says:

    Yup, you should attempt it, it may make your cursive better!

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