Hip Hop From All Over The World

Rhyme Traveler 5

The Voyage of Verse

All the four corners of the globe

I have done an extensive amount of traveling during the course of my lifetime.  However I still haven’t managed to make it to the far east where it may surprise many people to find that there are numerous artists from India to Japan involved in Hip Hop.   Even in countries like Mongolia there is a group by the name of Tatar that rap in Mongolian, which I view is a tough language to “bust rhymes” in.


I remember when my friend Sam introduced me to DJ Krush, I would write and perform songs to his beats.  DJ Honda also became popular around that time, in fact, I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture from Samurai, Ninja, Anime, and Sushi I think that it’s great that they embrace Hip Hop.  I also feel that Hip Hop combined with Anime like Samurai Champloo is the ultimate from of multimedia rawness (slang term).

Here is a female rapper from South Korea.  If  you look online you’ll find another version of this video with the English subtitles.

Asalaam Alaikum

There is also Hip Hop in the Arabic speaking world with artists like Shadia Mansour of Palestinian descent she raps and sings in Arabic.  She is amazing, she has also collaborated with artists from other countries like Ol’ Kainry from France and Logic from the UK.  She speaks against the violence going on between Israel and Palestine and also joins forces with DAM Israeli born Arabs that rap in Arabic and Hebrew.  It’s one thing to rap to English, but it really takes talent to rap in languages like Arabic and Hebrew because of the speed it takes to rap on beat to the average Hip Hop tempo of 85bpm.

There is an interesting video…


I have spent a decent amount of time in Eastern Europe (The Balkans) which was a pretty interesting experience to me.  I’ve worked in Kosovo for a year and half and what I have noticed that in a country where I can’t get change for 5 euros there are Hip Hop artists there that produce Hip Hop music with expensive studio equipment.  Kosovo has an urban music scene with artists like Unikkatel that rap in Albanian, the official language of Kosovo.  In Macedonia (FYROM) a bordering country that was once of part of Yugoslavia like its neighbor Kosovo has a pretty strong Hip Hop scene as well.  Legijata hailing from Skopje are one of the pioneering groups in the Macedonian, as well as in the Balkans and they rap in Macedonian a language in the Slavic/Slavonic language family.

Thesalonikki Hip Hop Festival in Greece is held annually in Thesalonica I regret not being able to go to any of them while in the Balkans, as this event brings artists from all over the world to perform.  Even a walk through Athens can prove to a be a graffiti wonderland for those that love to watch the beautiful colors and shapes of spraypaint on walls.

Hip Hop is global, even in Greenland there’s a Hip Hop scene in just about the “big cities” and even in the most remote places.   From Greenland you have The Emancipator who makes Hip Hop Influenced beats.  Also from Greenland  is Nuuk Posse.  Keep in mind that in Greenland they speak Kalaallisut as their main dialect.  I can only imagine the time it may takes to write a rap song in some of these languages, especially the Inuit dialects of Greenland.

Well I hope anybody that reads this is convinced that Hip Hop is a powerful language and I can write blogs on the topic until apocalyptic disaster destroys us all.  For those interested follow me on rawcompound.wordpress.com and/or rawcompound.com, artisans-arsenal.com just to name a few.  On my blogs I will expound further on the global Hip Hop scene and you follow close enough you may catch a glimpse of my collaborations with Hip Hop artists overseas.





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