Mundo de Hip Hop

Rhyme Traveller part 3

The Voyage of Verse

Hip Hop Mundo

It never surprised me that I didn’t even have to leave the country in order to hear rap in other languages.  In fact, coming from a Panamanian cultural background the Spanish language is a part of my roots and culture.  Many of the friends I grew up with were also Hispanic/Latino and we formed a rap crew often rhyming in both languages.  I remember my friend Tony, from Colombia would constantly rap in Spanish, English, and Spanglish often going back and forth between the languages.

Hip Hop is a very powerful outlet of expression across the Spanish speaking world.  In Cuba there is an annual Hip Hop concert known as Black August, which would bring artists from the US and from Cuba perform rap music with very political and social overtones.  More popular artists like Fat Joe and underground artists like Immortal Technique display their Latin American pride through their music.  Big Pun (R.I.P.) is known as a legend in the Hip Hop world and will always be considered that until this day.

Also artists like Cypress Hill, Beatnuts, Tre Deliquentes, and even Mos Def would rap in the Spanish language.  Which in my opinion sounds really wicked when in the form of rapping, also in reggae (real reggae, not reggaeton).  Some artist that I would recommend are Nach Scratch, Control Machete, Danger man, Lapiz Conceinte, Beroots Banger, and Indee Styla.  That should give a curious mind a well-rounded view of Hip hop from the Spanish speaking world.

Nowadays when people think of Spanish and Rap in the same sentence they think of reggaeton, which is cool I have no problem with that.  However, I feel that the Spanish speaking Hip Hop scene in the US and abroad are misrepresented.  Hip Hop was originally created in the Black and Latino community, and there are plenty of Spanish speaking MC’s that represent Hip Hop culture as it is supposed to be represented.

I would also like to take the time to acknowledge Portuguese language Hip Hop music.  Countries like Portugal, Brazil, and Angola have their own Hip Hop scene that is dominant on 3 continents.  Sam the Kid(Portugal), DJi  (Angola), and Rael da Rima (Brazil) are just a few amazing Hip Hop artists from these countries.


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