Artisans Arsenal

A screenshot from Merci Beaucoup goes to my friends and collaborators from Belgium Dream Effects


I have always been involved in the arts ever since I way very young and I think I will die with a brush, pen, or a mic in my hand.  The arts are my passion and I make sure to follow them whether its writing, drawing, music, etc I’m all involved in it.  As a result that is how Artisans Arsenal came to be.  When I came back home from Iraq in 2007 my mission was to create a place where I could exercise all of my talents, this mission took me to Atlanta, GA where I moved in with my brothers with similar talents and built a home studio.  After a year I decided to move back to Florida and within a month I found an opportunity.

A friend of mine was running an audio recording studio and he needed help with it.  I needed a place to create so eventually I took ownership of the place leased the space next door and that is how The Artisans Arsenal came to be.  I am still in the process of building the Artisans Arsenal into a full fledge audio/visual production facility which will take a few more years.  In the meanwhile I maintain an online presence with and, in addition to having several physical locations where I work from.  Stay tuned to learn more about The Artisans Arsenal and Raw Compound:  Artisans Arsenal Digital.

These are some of my weapons of choice digital audio equipment, markers, paints, etc… 


I tried to paint Selassie. I hope it looks like him. 

This is a puppet I made from modeling clay for a little stop-motion exercise I was working on. Stay Tuned. 


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