Certain Things

There are certain things I feel people don’t want to accept about me because it might make them feel inferior, or stupid (for lack of better terms.) That’s just me though, my thoughts wander and wander. The point I want to make is that I practice, maintain, and apply the use of language and writing systems regularly. It’s an everyday thing to me, some people say study one language at a time. I say well, I’ve been in those situations where I have no choice I have to learn this language Albanian for example as fast as I can. I’m no spy, or special super secret agent I just like words, because I’m lyricist. So I’m down to learn any and every language on this planet and even beyond planet, because I appreciate the word both in spoken and written form. I’ll do this until I die, for fun.

There are many people that inspire me to keep doing my thing. Now I have been given formal and informal instruction in language, but that’s another story.


One comment on “Certain Things

  1. rawcompound says:

    And I’m not making any claims either…Just saying.

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