No FakeBook, No Cell…

I don’t know what the hell goes through peoples heads when they are around me, or what they expect from me.  I am truly in my own world, which is one that many will never understand until they take a closer look and examination.  Even then, they would have to go everywhere I’ve and everything I’ve been through to fully understand. 

Today I deactivated my facebook account for the second time this year for a multitude of reasons.  

1.  I constantly hear from people all the time, “Your network is your net worth.” In regards to that statement there are people that tell me that “it’s important to have fakebook because it’s a great networking tool”.  BS!!! I have yet to make solid connections from FB, all of my solid connections are made in real life.  

My true network is solid and anybody who wishes to be a part it must prove themselves worthy.  Not that I require anyone to take a “pledge” or an “oath” I’m not part of secret society!  It’s just I feel that people only want to link on facebook just to be nosy, so they can have something to say about what you post and what not (Na mean?).  

I had 343 friends and only few people follow this blog, not that I need this to be popular.  Primarily everything I publish on the web is intended for those who are willing to receive it, those can benefit from it.  I do not have time for rumors, gossip, and basically anything that brings “fluff” into my daily life.  For those that know me they know my days are intense, my ideal days are physically and mentally demanding.  I don’t have time for “fluff” keep it far away from me, please.

2.  Facebook has become another myspace…I don’t even want to keep my fan pages on there anymore.  I’m web developer for crying out loud!!!  Artisans Arsenal and Raw Compound are my facebook, twitter, and so on and so forth.  They need my attention and anybody who wishes to know me better, or are curious as to what I do should stay tuned to those websites because everything I do will be there.  Well, everything that I feel should be published online.  As for facebook becoming another myspace, my goodness all I see is a constant feed of poorly designed memes and statuses about “imaginary haters”.  Nobody is hating on you buddy, that is all in your imagination, get some self esteem, take on a new hobby, and if that doesn’t work try skateboarding I heard that’s great stress reliever!  

I mean the only good thing are pictures that my very good looking female friends post.  Oh yeah, and cool comic book styled art, but I mean I surf the web I can find all of this stuff out there.  Really, that’s why I got into blogging anyways, because as I scour the internet for cool stuff I can post it here on and my websites.  

3.  Like mentioned before I have Raw Compound, Home of Artisans Arsenal Digital, I am updating that site today that’s my online portfolio and canvas.  Artisans Arsenal, which every now and then when I am in America long enough gets a physical location for a multimedia studio.  When I’m on the move Artisans Arsenal is portable and fits in my bag, in addition to maintaining a presence online.

The celly, I have been though so many cell phones through the past few years.  I have cell phones and chips from Holland, Germany, Panama, Iraq, Kosovo, Macedonia, burner phones, and various mobile devices.  I’m online around the clock, I’m normally at my favorite spots, I have a Magic Jack number (which will not change), and I am on skype.  I love it when people act like they can’t get in contact with me, if it’s that important you’ll contact me.  I’m really not hard to track down.  I’m very tired of activating and reactivating phones and keeping up with the bills, not that I don’t have the money I just don’t feel like going through process sometimes.  Also there’s only a few people I talk to on my cell, and those are people I see in real life regularly.  Real life!

A few semesters ago I was taking a class at my school, “Writing for Interactive Media” which was the reason why I started this blog.  The teacher offered a challenge to us, survive without technology (facebook, cell, etc…) for 24 hours.  Maybe a week before she issued the challenge I reactivated my cell that I was currently using and facebook.  Guess what? I couldn’t make it through 24 hours without using those technologies, so I guess for the month of December my challenge is no FakeBook, No Cell…Why, because I don’t really need them.


P.S. I’m such a hypocrite, I have another Facebook, but it will limited to my mobile device.  Raw Compound Beeches!!!



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