Creative Challenge

This is an exercise that I started I would say 2100 tonight, in hopes to crank out something that involves the use of many of my creative talents and abilities.  It all started with “Ride the wave of creavity and create.” All I could think about was being creative and using my imagination. I issued myself the challenge rhyme as many lines as I could matching as many syllables as I could then create a visual image out of these words.  I gave myself hour for the challenge and this is how I sharpen my creative abilities and “kick myself in the ass” to go somewhere with this.  This tests my ability to rhyme as MC, poet, and songwriter and also the ability to compose graphics exercising the use of typography…

I ride the wave of creativity and create..

As I tried to save the sanity of my mind state,

On a side where slaves build there own cages and gates.

once we Rise from the graves, reality is the topic of debate,

Can’t hide the crave, the desire of fantasy arrived a bit too late.

So deprive or fade the landscape of vocabulary when words take shape…

That is what I cranked, however I will go back and edit it to make it better…A little something.  I think it sucks!!!

One comment on “Creative Challenge

  1. rawcompound says:

    I’m going to update this with an edited version…About to rhyme in real in life right now.

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