Thought of the Day

Honesty is the best policy!  

It is always better to be completely honest and let go of the fear of what another person may initially think.  

As one becomes more in tune with what’s really important, I believe they should find that the reason behind deception is mostly for petty purposes.  (Do I need to list examples? You don’t want me to.)

When one is exposed as untrustworthy, no matter how conscious, “metaphysical”, or spiritual they may seem, they are still wolves in sheep’s clothing.  (For what really?)


Disclaimer:  These are only my thoughts, I may not perfectly live them out. Also, my actions may not always reflect the ideals and/or virtues put forward.  Hey, I’m only human and I think, sometimes I think out loud.  This blog is the perfect balance between silently pondering and loudly thinking. 


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