I can’t keep up with everything.


So Coldblooded Part 2




Whoa time flies for me, so my life requires constant grind.  Until the gears give out!  Yeah I was doing some trekking, there were some parts when I felt like the Crocodile Hunter.

I was looking for Iguanas then I finally found a few.  Image

This was at CB Smith Park, I actually found a few of them, once I got close enough they’d jump into the trees.  So I’d follow them there, then when I got closer they jumped into the water.  I got video, stay tuned!


I always catch turtles on this rock, I was across from them.  They normally like to jump into the water when I approach too close and that’s pretty far away most of the time.



I recently signed up for CDL School to get my CDL Class A license so I get some more

work.  Well, I found this little creature in the office, caught it and kept it with me for a few hours.


The lizard is a five lined skink, the younger ones have blue tails.  




Sold Coldblooded

So Coldblooded is a Web Design project that is part of the Raw Compound Universe on  I went around the South Florida area with my brand new cameras and took snaps and video of all the cold blooded creatures I can find.



Above is the Logo/Banner for the Web Project.



Above is a Brown Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus) or better known as the “Jesus Christ Lizard” for their ability to run on the surface of water.  There is wildlife sanctuary close to where I live and there are so many of these creatures there.  These lizards are actually from Central America and like other species that are non native to Florida they arrived and populated due to the pet trade.  They look like little dinosaurs to me and I’m happy anytime I see one, or two.  I was lucky enough to get this close to it, also the fact that my camera had zoom contributed to the success of this shot.  I have more of these as I found several basilisks on the many days that I did my shooting.  





This guy is a Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis), people call them chameleons, even though they 

change color they are not chameleons.  I found this guy on a Sea Grape tree on South Beach, but down here you are likely to see these guys everywhere.




This guy is a Cuban or Knight Anole (Anolis equestris), I’ve heard people call them Fruit Lizards as well.  These guys are often easy to catch, but watch they bite!

I will be posting more next up Brown Anoles, Iguanas, Turtles, and Skinks.  Eventually I’ll run into an Alligator, which I don’t really look forward too!

Afternoon Moon

Afternoon Moon

The moon was either still out from the previous night or up early, I think it was up early. It has taken me 31 years to pay attention to the moon daily. With cameras it makes it more fun, especially nighttime photography. This was a fast snap with a cybershot, pretty soon I’ll be posting up some night time pics of the moon at night once I dump the photos to my computer. Stay Tuned!