So Coldblooded Part 2




Whoa time flies for me, so my life requires constant grind.  Until the gears give out!  Yeah I was doing some trekking, there were some parts when I felt like the Crocodile Hunter.

I was looking for Iguanas then I finally found a few.  Image

This was at CB Smith Park, I actually found a few of them, once I got close enough they’d jump into the trees.  So I’d follow them there, then when I got closer they jumped into the water.  I got video, stay tuned!


I always catch turtles on this rock, I was across from them.  They normally like to jump into the water when I approach too close and that’s pretty far away most of the time.



I recently signed up for CDL School to get my CDL Class A license so I get some more

work.  Well, I found this little creature in the office, caught it and kept it with me for a few hours.


The lizard is a five lined skink, the younger ones have blue tails.  





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