Voice of 2012

This a song that I have written towards the end of 2007, it was my intention to have it featured on an album called Descriptive: The Embodiment. 

I enjoyed writing this song as well as performing this on stage and I have several versions of this song that I am going to upload online.  Even several acoustic performances.  

This video is a first draft so there’ll be more I am considering retiring this song, due to the fact that 2013 is at hand.  I have had this song for several years, so I must figure out a solid plan to fit it in or retire it.  This is one of my personal favorites though, I recorded this myself with own equipment and the beat was created by Big Tech Beats.  www.soundclick.com/bigtechbeats




Zwart Licht

I found out about this group last year, I stumbled upon them on youtube.  Actually I was listening to Kempi Zoveel Stress and then I found them listened to them.  I listened to all of their albums, now ik sprek een beetje Nederlands, but I like their mateiral.  Shows you how much I care for US radio these days.

Shadia Mansour

She blows my mind!

Kuffiyeh Arabiya, literally meaning Arab Keffiyah.

She collabs with MC’s around the world.

Logic from the UK

Ol Kainry from France, this guy also did a collab with Raekwon

Her thoughts on creative freedom in the UK

Mer Vil Ha’ Mer

Right now I’m at my lab going through all of my material, especially music that I have created from the past decade plus.  A lot of this stuff gets loaded into my iTunes library, well I was just listening to this song by the Danish rapper/reggae artist Natasja, she’s half Danish, half Sudanese….I never thought that dancehall reggae could be performed in Danish.  Check it out.

Here is another song of hers, this one is in Jamaican dialect.  Desafortunadamente, she passed away a few years ago.  RIP.