Travel Sick :(

Portabelo, Panama Black Jesus Mural.

Some people get home sick when they are away from their place of origin.  Nowadays I feel home basically any place I go, however when I stuck in one place for too long I get a “Travel Sick”…

I can’t wait to travel again, long distances.

Walking through Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities in the world snapping pictures…

This is istanbul near Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia…wandering around snapping pics for memories, but also for drawing references/stock photo/etc

Walking through Koln and found this, had to take a snap.

I spit hotfire on the M-I-C. Studio Session in Brussels, Belgium with friends and collaborators Frequence 59.

Tug Boats at the Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal… 8°59’48″N 79°35’31″W


There will be more Travel Sick Posts to come…


Enter Raw Compound

Welcome to the Raw Compound blog where I will  post whatever I feel like posting.  Basically anything that is interesting to me such as Hip Hop Culture, Technology, Travel, and hopefully I’ll post some of my original comics online.  Stay tuned.