Everybody is a thumbody, but everybody should be a green thumbody.  This video gave me a good idea on what I should do with these new plants that I keep on buying.  


Catchy Tune, Evil Symbolism

I’ll admit this song has a catchy tune, however everything that is stands for is a new low for Hip Hop.  If this is an indication of where mainstream Hip Hop is heading, I hope that fire and brimstone awaits.  

I found out about this through the website vigilant citizen, now I don’t follow Lil Wayne and the “stars” in the music industry.  I can picture women lining up at the club, just to dance to this music.  Now I’m not perfect in my attitude towards women, but this just…No comment.


As of recently I have been hooked on taking photos of Florida wildlife!  Well, I decided to go on an airboat ride at night in the everglades, exciting lots of gators.  I’ll be posting more pics and videos.

This was taken at Sawgrass Recreation Park with a Canon T3i.  Enjoy!