The Origin of Tai Chi

The Origin of Tai Chi


Why Every Hip Hop Artist Needs to Know About Fela Kuti

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

As we celebrate June being Black Music Month.. We wanted to focus our attention on Fela Kuti… This Nigerian born singer is celebrated all over the world for his infectious rhythms which many like to call Afro-Beats, but its important to note that to Fela music was not just a commodity to be brought and sold and judged by its position on Billboard Pop charts.. In the tradition of African culture, music took on a lot more weight. It was a form of communication. It was a way to excite, to inform and to heal.. For Fela music was a weapon and throughout his life he used it effectively…

The Broadway Play Fela is back in the Bay Area doing its last week run and we sat down and talk to the lead actor Adesola Osakalumi about his extensive award-winning background in dance,  theater and Hip Hop and…

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