Website Updates

Throughout the course of this week I will be updating my Raw Compound website website.   Make sure to take a look and to keep coming back as I will be constantly updating the page.  Also Artisans Arsenal my other website is in the works so be sure to check both pages constantly because I will be constantly updating them.  Building webpages I will have to admit is because very addicting. I’m having fun with it!!!

Also as a side note, if you are looking though this website through a mobile device you may not see the content that requires a flash plugin.  I am working on cranking out HTML5 content to take care of that problem.  Enjoy!






Voice of 2012

This a song that I have written towards the end of 2007, it was my intention to have it featured on an album called Descriptive: The Embodiment. 

I enjoyed writing this song as well as performing this on stage and I have several versions of this song that I am going to upload online.  Even several acoustic performances.  

This video is a first draft so there’ll be more I am considering retiring this song, due to the fact that 2013 is at hand.  I have had this song for several years, so I must figure out a solid plan to fit it in or retire it.  This is one of my personal favorites though, I recorded this myself with own equipment and the beat was created by Big Tech Beats.



Artisans Arsenal part II

Here are some more pictures from projects and stuff that I do.

I I like to snap photos especially when the camera is nice.

I like to Illustrate


Illustrate some more

I practicing my characters. I’m also into linguistics and polyglotism.


I enjoy making these from 550 or Parachute Cord.

This is where The Artisans Arsenal is currently located…